Investment Overview

Ryley Investments employs a diversified investment approach that seeks to produce superior risk-adjusted returns over the long run by spotting early opportunities for outsized returns and allocating capital to the highest-quality cannabis companies



The size of the market opportunity for cannabis is a key driver to generating consistent and superior portfolio results. Ryley believes that successful portfolio management involves having access to high-growth market segments and best-in-class entrepreneurs who are empowered to catalyze winning outcomes and generate long term attractive growth.

Portfolio Summary

Growing smarter, faster, and more sustainably than ever before


Helping keep cannabis businesses safe, compliant and legal

Industrial Hemp

A hearty, sustainable crop with an estimated 25,000 end uses, including fiber, building material, nanotechnologies, fuel and nutrition


With so much interest in CBD, and bigger companies starting to make investments in the sector, many investors are interested in capitalizing on the trend.






“As both the domestic and international cannabis markets continue to evolve and mature, CVC maintains a view that the cannabis industry will be among the most compelling investment themes of our generation."

— Casa Verdo

Investing News

“One of the biggest concerns from people listing with us was our liquidity, the cannabis sector has shot us through the roof and put us on the map,” Serin said.

— Anna Serin

Safe Haven

t’s a potential opportunity unlike any other in history; the chance to invest first in a completely new multi-billion-dollar market.Analysts estimate this brand-new market could be worth $57 billion by 2025.That’s bigger than beer, wine and tobacco."

                 — Marla Quinn


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