What it Takes

 There are many complex factors to consider in an asset acquisition. The buyer only acquires the assets and liabilities it identifies and agrees to acquire and assume, subject to any liabilities imposed on the buyer as a matter of law. This is fundamentally different from a stock acquisition or merger where the buyer acquires all the assets and liabilities (including unknown or undisclosed liabilities) of the target company as a matter of law.



The ability to pick and choose specific assets and liabilities provides the buyer with flexibility. The buyer does not waste money on unwanted assets and there is less risk of the buyer assuming unknown or undisclosed liabilities. However, this also makes asset acquisitions more complex because the buyer has to spend time identifying the assets and liabilities it wishes to acquire and assume.

Porfolio Summary

Acquisition Cost
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Acquisition Premium
There is no requirement that a company pay a premium for acquiring another company; depending on the situation, it may even get a discount.

Acquisition Financing

Favorable rates for acquisition financing can help smaller companies reach economies of scale and is generally viewed as an effective method for increasing the size of the company's operations.

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Broker Expands into benefit space Aquisition

“We had been looking to bolster our capabilities in the employee benefits space, and when we were  presented with the opportunity to join forces with Ryley Investments, we recognized this as an ideal chance to hasten GFI’s growth,” Mr. Gross said in a statement.

— Business Insider

The Financial Districts Restored Companies

“In addition to its Real estate division, Ryley Investments also provides companies with insurance coverage in the areas of Asset Acquisition Financing, Land and Development sites, Mixed used and Conversions, risk management and loss control..”

— Forbes

Todays Tough Market needs intelligent Adjustable Advisors

“No one captured this sentiment more than Allen Lett Co CEO and Carolyn Rubalcava (right), who detailed the difficult process behind his 21 East 12th development in the East Village.”

— Bisnow



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